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Complete your luxury home look with elegant cushions from Avenue Design. Treat yourself and discover our hand-picked designer accessories for your home. Need help? Discover our interior design & shopping service, or visit our Montreal showroom.

  • Baturi Dusk

    Baturi Dusk Pillow

  • Balboa

    Balboa Smoke Pillow

  • New Ideas

    New Ideas Ink Pillow

  • New Ideas

    New Ideas Anthracite Pillow

  • L'OR

    L’OR Burnished Pillow

  • L'OR

    L’OR Platinum Pillow

  • Egadi

    Egadi Gold Pillow

  • Diverging

    Diverging Mist Pillow

  • Diverging

    Diverging Ebony Pillow

  • Acadia Charcoal

    Acadia Charcoal Pillow

  • Sarabi Linen

    Sarabi Linen Pillow

  • Parker Stripe Ivory

    Parker Stripe Ivory Pillow

  • Oui Fringe Mist

    Oui Fringe Mist Pillow

  • Silk Flora

    Silk Flora Ice Pillow

  • Queen of Spain

    Queen of Spain Black Pillow

  • Parisio Gilt

    Parisio Gilt Pillow

  • Painted Velvet

    Painted Velvet Turquoise Pillow

  • Painted Velvet

    Painted Velvet Grey Pillow

  • Modern Mosaic

    Modern Mosaic Harbor Pillow

  • Modern Mosaic

    Modern Mosaic Sandstone Pillow

  • La Provence

    La Provence Black Pillow

  • Indian Zag

    Indian Zag Indigo Pillow

  • Hutch

    Hutch Black Pillow

  • Graffito Java

    Graffito Graphite Pillow

  • Graffito Java

    Graffito Java Pillow

  • For Arts Sake (Moon)

    For Arts Sake Moon Pillow

  • Fairford Woodsmoke

    Fairford Woodsmoke Pillow

  • Emile Charcoal

    Emile Charcoal Pillow

  • Dubai Ikat

    Dubai Ikat Granite Pillow

  • Chic Tortoise

    Chic Tortoise Pillow

  • Channels Velvet

    Channel Velvet Slate Blue Pillow

  • Cask

    Cask Dove Pillow

  • Channels Velvet

    Channel Velvet Ebony / Almond Pillow

  • Catwalk (Graphite)

    Catwalk Graphite Pillow

  • Kasai Navy Pillow

    Kasai Navy Pillow

  • Lacing

    Lacing Alabaster Pillow

  • Zimba Charcoal Pillow

  • Taking Shape Ink Pillow

  • Scarab Tourmaline Pillow

  • La Tortue Velvet Mocha Pillow

  • La Tortue Velvet Midnight Pillow

  • Kandira Blues Pillow

  • Kasai Charcoal Pillow

  • Hilo Steel Pillow

  • Fuego Green Olive Pillow

  • Fuego Espresso Pillow

  • Fuego Blue Pillow

  • Front Row

    Front Row Pillow

  • Doe Fawn Pillow

  • Desmond Black & Charcoal Pillow

  • Cask

    Cask Brass Pillow

  • Awash Leek Pillow

  • Awash Haze Pillow

  • Awash Cinder Pillow

  • Askew Ivory & Taupe Pillow

  • Animal Magic Teal Pillow

  • Alcantara Plum Pillow

  • Alcantara Navy Pillow

  • Alcantara Green Pillow

  • Alcantara Aqua & Black Pillow

  • Abstract Moment Rouge Pillow

  • Abstract Moment Peacock Pillow

  • Abstract Moment Onyx Pillow

  • Lilac / Ash Pillow, Avenue Design Montreal, Canada

    Giorgio Linen Diamond Lilac / Ash Pillow

  • Lez Riziere Cushion, Avenue Design Montreal, Canada

    Lez Riziere Royal Piped Cushion

  • Black Piped Cushion, Avenue Design Montreal, Canada

    Doe Black Piped Cushion

  • Les Touches Tan

    Les Touches Tan

  • To The Point Mink

    To The Point Mink

  • Baturi Indigo Cushion Avenue Design Montreal Canada

    Baturi Indigo Pillow

  • Grafitto Teal/Pearl

    Grafitto Teal/Pearl

  • Grafitto Salmon/Cream

    Grafitto Salmon/Cream